About Us


At Dot Generation, we offer a unique combination of innovative technology and small firm attention to detail. We are truly invested in the success of our clients and have the knowledge and experience to make it happen. Since 1984 when we were first established, the printing industry has evolved dramatically. We have continually positioned ourselves on the cutting edge; adopting state-of-the-art technologies and offering the newest and best services to match the needs of our clients. 


Frank Leone – President

Frank founded the company in New York in 1984 and changed the name to Dot Generation 1988 with the move to Connecticut. He has been leading the company for over 25 years, intimately involved with day-to-day operations including scheduling, sales, personnel, equipment decisions, leasing negotiations, customer relations, as well as planning the direction of the firm.

As the founder, Frank has developed strong bonds over the years with the customer base as well as Dot’s suppliers. Based upon fair negotiations, a high quality product and a great “on time” record; Frank has grown Dot Generation into a sustainable and successful business that has be able to weather the challenges of multiple economic downturns through innovation and constantly adapting to meet the everchanging demands of Dot Generation's diverse and growning client base.

David Stowe – Vice President, Sales

David joined the company in 2007 when Dot acquired D&M Press. Prior to that time David ran the daily operations of D&M for over 10 years. With a hands on approach David played an integral part in sales, production, equipment acquisition, business planning and over all operations. In the time that David ran D&M sales, quality of service and range of services all increased significantly.

Since joining Dot, David has participated in many of the integral aspects of the business, however a great deal of his efforts have been concentrated on developing new business both through significant networking efforts as well as working with existing clients to better understand all of their needs.

David is also always exploring new products and services to integrate with DOT’s already substantial roster of offerings. This proactive approach allows Dot Generation to better serve your needs with more comprehensive and all inclusive manner.