Charity Partnership Program

We are proud to introduce the Dot Generation Not-For-Profit Partnership Program.

Today, more than ever it is crucial for businesses to act with social responsibility woven into the fabric of their everyday practices. With reduced government funding and competition for resources in the Not-For-Profit sector, collaboration between business and non-profits is key to building a thriving community. At Dot Generation we have always supported and worked with non-profit organizations. Our new Partnership Program enables Not-For-Profits to take advantage of near effort free fundraising, and allows our clients to support non-profits without the allocation of any further resources. A win-win proposition for all involved.

Dot Generation believes that there still are opportunities where everyone involved benefits. This program is one of those opportunities.

How does it work for non-profits?

Simply by introducing Dot to any of your supporters or contacts that have a graphic communications budget, a non-profit can realize some substantial fund raising gains. These supporters already believe in the mission of the non-profit. Since these companies and organizations have existing graphic communication budgets that they are spending on print, mail and signage, they have a built in ability to further support the non-profit without any additional expense. These services are what Dot Generation excels at and are what will generate the fiscal opportunity to allow Dot Generation to financially contribute back to the non-profit.

It is really is simple.

If Dot Generation starts working with one or more of these companies, we will donate 5% of all resulting sales to the non-profit in perpetuity.

How does it work for supporters of non-profits?

If a company is a supporter of your Not-For-Profit and chooses to begin working with Dot Generation as a result of this program, then that company will be offering additional financial support to that non-profit without any additional expense, using funds already being allocated for the purpose of graphic communications.


How does it work for Dot Generation?

Helping the Not-For-Profits that we work with, as well as developing new business opportunities are primary goals at Dot Generation.  With this program we have come up with a way achieve both goals simultaneously.  As mentioned Dot Generation will donate 5% of all sales that we receive as a result of this program to non-profits. We will also use this as an opportunity to reach out to companies that have a record of supporting non-profit organizations in an effort to work with those companies which will result in additional funds going to non-profit organizations.

Why you should work with Dot Generation?

We believe this is a wonderful program that benefits everyone involved, but the whole program is based on Dot Generation being able to provide high quality graphic communication services to your extended business family. This is what Dot has been doing for over 25 years and as we look to the future Dot will continue to be an industry leader.  We have tremendous in house capabilities that include graphic design, digital on demand printing, offset printing, large format printing, full finishing and mailing. There is virtually no project that we cannot handle.  With cutting edge technology and decades of experience, our equipment and our people are up to any task.


We will be happy sit down and to discuss the program and help you get started.