We're Green

At Dot Generation we are conscious of the environmental footprint that a print communications company can leave. Here is what we are doing currently to be a better global caretaker:
  • We actively promote and provide education to our customers on the realities and cost efficiencies of FSC approved and recyclable papers.
  • We recycle all possible materials in the plant and the offices: including paper, cardboard, metal printing plates, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, packing materials and obsolete electronic devices.
  • We use only paper products that can be recycled in our packaging as opposed to Styrofoam or other plastic packing materials.
  • We use the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) solvents available, putting 1/8 or less, VOCs into the air.  This is not only good for the environment but it is healthy for our employees.
  • We use vegetable based inks in our printing process.  Many inks are petroleum based, bad for the environment and add to dependency on foreign petroleum products.
  • Our Janitorial Services are performed with “green clean” biodegradable cleaners also void of artificial dies and scents.
  • Our prepress platemaking systems are direct to plate.  This means that there is not film, UV lights or chemicals involved.  The plates are also processless meaning that no water is used or discharged back into the environment, tainted with developers.
  • We continue to actively seek out new and innovative techologies that will make our products and process more efficient and lower our environmental footprint.