Dot Generation

Do your printed materials have intricate details that require high image quality, do you need to print a large run for a big customer base, are the overall dimensions of your printed piece too large for a digital press? If so then offset printing might present the most benefits for your project. This traditional ink on paper method of printing is most cost-efficient for long runs and offers a higher degree of quality. While digital printing might have the option for variable data, offset printing is the most flexible method of printing if you are looking to use in-line or off-line finishes and coatings such as varnish, UV or aqueous.

If you have a project that needs high quality color printing where matching spot colors is important, you might also want to look into this method. While digital presses produce colors using a four-color matching process and can often do a good job of getting close to spot colors, offset presses can print using the PantoneĀ® Matching System to provide you with a more accurate color match and can also use metallic inks.


  • Great for large quantities
  • Larger sheet sizes than digital
  • Allows for coatings
  • Can print Pantone colors and metallic inks
  • High image quality