Prepress Services


It’s always better to avoid problems than to resolve them later – especially when it comes to printing.  Our expert graphic technicians examine every file for potential issues related to: size, resolution, color, die-lines and fonts, and make recommendations if improvements are needed.  We support a myriad of applications and print from many file formats that others cannot.  The state-of-the-art technology in our pre-press department allows for seamless integration between your files and the press room.  Our technicians go the extra mile, assessing and carrying out whatever changes are needed to make your job problem-free, while communicating regularly on the progress of your project. Meanwhile, your privacy will be protected by our rigorous online security policies, ensuring that all your data remains protected.  

•  easy file upload and archiving

•  preflight

•  wide range of application support

•  digital and hard proofing

•  color correction

•  computer to plate technology

•  graphic design

•  file prep